Heading to the Manchester / Nashua New Hampshire area on business and looking for any input on railfanning in the area. Would more than likely be a late afternoon outing for a few hours.

Thanks for any suggestions. Paul

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I can't offer any input pertaining to your request, but I would like to take an opportunity to tip my hat to all who railfan in wooded territory.  You really have to know the territory there, if you want to see and photograph trains.  Out here in the West, you can see trains coming for a long distance, and, when there were pole lines, you could easily find the railroad on the horizon.

Good luck on your New Hampshire trip!



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Tom, you bring up an excellent point. Photography rail fanning is a complex endeavor depending on the terrain. I have climbed high for shots (around Glacier National Park) and have laid in wait on the flat playas of Nevada. 

Mountain railfanning (Sierras) is fun and challenging lugging gear up steep trails. Perhaps my favorite is going out in bad weather. Hard rain, fog, blizzards, these all bring unique challenges - and opportunities for interesting images.

Bob - thank you for taking the time to post those links. Unfortunately I will have only one afternoon around the Manchester / Nashua area. I'm going to use maps of the area and hope for the best.

Thank you all.


... still have my fare - with just a trifle to spare...



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