My first venture into collecting was with Gilbert S gauge. I wasn't all that interested in being an operator; I was more interested in collecting and establishing my own personal museum.  I think I have an example of almost every piece of 3 digit equipment that was cataloged. 

For the last 4 years I have put up a display of Pre War Flyer O gauge trains at a local historical society museum for the Christmas season. Each year the display has had a different theme.  I decided to go with a circus theme this year. I know its early but I thought it was a good idea to get started early and dig out my Flyer Circus train because I know it needs some work.  I am looking for someone who can do the needed repair work, and get it running reliably. The left side running gear is broken.  I got it to run,  but only in reverse.  Can someone here suggest a good repair person that I can contact.  The engine is runner quality but I would like it to run well because the trains are run by the docents at the museum.  I always encourage them to let the guests at the museum play with the trains with supervision.

Here are a few photos of the engine.

I have an Ives reproduction Circus Set and an O gauge custom painted Flyer Circus set that will all be running.

Any suggestions for a good repair person are welcome.  I usually post over in the tinplate forum, but I thought I would come here first and ask the S gauge experts.  I can post over there too.

Thanks in Advance

Northwoods Flyer



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Hi Greg,  Any of those mentioned above would be fine. There are also a few guys out there that do AF repairs.  Here is one...

 I think Neil (in the video) may do work for others as well, he has a bunch of similar videos out there.

I interact with some on a Facebook AF page, you may be there too, not sure.

There was another guy I was gong to suggest but it looks like he is closed for business.

Dennis Holler If its old and broke, I like it


I am not trying to be a SA but not knowing how much knowledge you have about the engine, have you tried moving the lever that is protruding from the top of the locomotive? That is a part of the reverse unit and it is possible that it may be locked in reverse. Try moving it's position, you might solve the problem that way.


Thanks for the suggestions folks. I think I will start with Hennings and go from there.  I wasn't sure if the sponsors here also worked with S gauge.


Thanks for the suggestion.  It is where I started and the same advice that I have given.  I have adjusted that lever more times than I can count and it continues to run in reverse.  The engine has been in storage for 20 years and needs a tune up and going over no matter what.  I hope to start doing some of my own repairs once I retire, but the display will be running before I am retired.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.

Northwoods (as in the Northwoods of Wisconsin Doug W.    Flyer



Greg, Please let me know if you are in the Eagle River area, you can contact me at my email address in my profile. We have a very knowledgeable Badgrland member there, he may be able to help you with the repair


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