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Mike, the beacon is home made.  It is a 5mm white LED that I cut down, reshaped and polished. The metal base is a wrap of aluminum ducting tape.  I use that stuff for all kinds of things! 

I have seen Aaron's beacons, and they very cool.  I have all of the materials to make a similar beacon, but haven't braved it yet!

I use finger nail files to shape and polish plastic.  I get them from Sally's Beauty Supply.   

SW sanding sticks


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  • SW sanding sticks

I just saw this thread and thought I'd mention, if someone is looking for the window sets, produced by Chooch, I know where there are a few sets.  Not trying to do a buy/sell on this section of the forum.  Just mentioning I know where some are located.  My email address is in my profile.


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