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Good Afternoon,

I sent this out a few weeks ago and I'm going in for a 3rd try. I'm looking for the following units if anyone has one they are willing to part with to go to a train loving home. In addition to what is listed below, if Atlas or Lionel(TMCC or Legacy) made a 3-rail GP7/9 written B&O, not written out Baltimore and Ohio, I would be interested as well. Excuse me for my ignorance but I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. Please reply using the email in my profile.

Thanks for your consideration,


Railking 30-20190-1 B&O GP7 #6405 (powered)

Railking 30-20190-3 B&O GP7 #6408 (non-powered)

Railking 30-20007-1 Conrail GP7 #5605 (powered)

Railking 30-20007-3 Conrail GP7 #5663 (non-powered)

Railking 30-2406-1 Conrail  GP20 #2100 (powered)

Railking 30-2406-3 Conrail  GP20 #2105 (non-powered)

MTH Premier 20-20872-1 Conrail GP9 #7006 (powered)

MTH Premier 20-20873-1 Conrail GP9 #7008 (powered)

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