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[quote="TonyH"]Yea, have been looking for Cupid and Blitzen as well.  Cupid is usually on eBay but they want $440+ for it.  I will pass at that price.[/quote]

Here's another for the faint of heart...

We (LHS) had a Cupid car when they first came out, MSRP ($44.99) stickered.   Went through the Christmas sale.  Sat on the shelf until March.  Dept. mgr moved all the seasonal stuff upstairs.  The following Christmas season...around mid-November...the Christmas displays were again set up, all the stuff upstairs included...

Except for Cupid.   Someone overlooked it, so it went through ANOTHER Christmas season w/o being sold.

That summer, the boss had the store inventoried.  Cupid was re-discovered...dusty, forgotten.  Boss not happy about 'lost' items like Cupid.

Around Labor Day that year a guy came in early shopping for "Christmas stuff".  Boss happened to hear his inquiry, sez "How about a Lionel Cupid car?"  Guy said 'Naw, that's not what I had in mind.'  Boss: 'I'll make you a deal you can't refuse!', and fetches the dusty box.  Guy looks it over, obviously still not eager to bite. 

Boss sez..."Half Price!" 


Hey, we can only hope that his $22.50 (plus tax, of course) purchase of a Cupid car has been duly rewarded.


Be patient, though.  Back when MTH was selling Rail King flatcars with 2 die cast autos attached, one of their first offerings, a flat car with two 1952 Caddies, rose to similar heights.  By the time the 2-auto flats became a collectible run for many enthusiasts, that Caddy flat was HOT!  At a 1997 train show in Maumee, OH, there were a $400+!  Checking the current Sold's on Ebay....$25-$40 is about what they're currently going for.

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