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@Jeff T posted:

Thanks Guys, ordered!!

BTW - Any tips on how to get the old loose one out??

There’s not much to the metal or what’s left of the riveted head that’s flowered out that makes the compression,....usually, a small pick tool or small flat head screwdriver can finish breaking off the little flowered out pieces of rivet, once you’ve gotten off the back half ( inside the transformer) and the wires, or the bus bar are off the post, you can carefully wiggle the old dead post out of the hole like a loose tooth, then reverse procedure and install the stud,...I like to pitch the nut that comes with the stud in favor of a nylon lock nut....doesn’t affect conductivity....and makes for a more permanent repair,...never worry about them coming loose mindful this problem can affect more than one stud, usually affecting the common bus bar in multiples....check the rest,’ll be happy with the finished repair,.....piece of cake!..

edit: when you go to pull the old stud out, it can be tight, don’t yank it out, slowly methodically wiggle and twist towards you so you don’t bust out the’s pretty resilient, but just take your time & wiggle....she’ll come out...


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@Jeff T posted:

The "A" post has come loose. I pulled the top of the case off and I really don't see way to tighten it.

Can it be snugged up??

Jeff, if you purchase a digital subscriiption, you will have access to the OGR Video Library, including Jim Barrett's Backshop videos. In this video, Jim shows you exactly how to fix a loose binding post on a ZW, along with replacing the old whistle diode.


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