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I just bought a 3472 milk car on ebay.  Several things wrong and I'm trying to decide whether to return it.

First, one of the power shoes is loose.  I pushed it back into its position and in a minute of running on track, it came loose.  Will this be difficult to fix?

Second, both couplers are defective.  One is the usual "comes loose all the time" problem and I've read a fair amount about that.  The rubber band solution is easy, though I'd rather a fix that will allow me to couple/uncouple.  But the other coupler won't even lock.  I've tried to push the little rod up the hole while moving the knuckle back and forth to align it, and the rod just won't go all the way.  Thoughts?

But the shoe is my biggest concern.  Thanks.  Prompt replies would be great, so I can return this if fixing will be a pain or expensive.

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As for broken couplers, you only need one of the couplings connected between two cars to work to separate the cars.

I have many cars that have one or two non working couplers as well as several with a broken couplers wired shut.

With many in those conditions, I am happy to have one working coupler per car.  That is except for the rear of a diesel or a coal tender.  My "To Do List" is too long already.


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