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I recently purchased new old stock of an MTH premier Allegheny.  The engine was released  around 2013 and never had been unpacked.  When I unpacked the engine I noticed a loose wire in the tender. Any ideas on how to reattach the red wire to the plug (that goes to the wireless drawbar)?  I can push the red wire into the plug, but it won’t stay.  I don’t see a way to solder it so I’m guessing there must be a way to crimp it?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  TIA. F58CC54D-8709-43B8-A367-D9AF87FCA3A6E43E5237-C431-475F-9915-E3A918E960E716686213-4E19-45E5-985A-1DEA19194762


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  • E43E5237-C431-475F-9915-E3A918E960E7
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Well, the right way is to use a crimp tool and the proper Hirose connector pin.  If you're careful, removing the pin and stuffing the wire in and a spot of solder.  That's sometimes more difficult than it sounds as the pin may not fit back in the connector unless you're good with the soldering iron.

You'll also have to take the little screws out of the drawbar attachment to free the connector to work on it.

gunrunnerjohn - thanks for the assistance.  After removing the screws from the drawbar attachment, I was able to solder the wire back into the plug.  The soldering was a bit tricky, but I was able to get the solder to hold the wire and pin together.  The engine now starts up and runs successfully.  The only thing I can't get to work is the backup light on the tender.  I'm not sure if I have a DCS setting wrong, or a different wire is loose in the tender. 

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