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Hi, LOTS is offering the following Santa Fe Maxi Stack. I have two questions:

1. If anyone is ordering one and wants two of the silver trailers, I would like to swap so I have two of the black ones.

2. What does it mean in the description on the website that "an extra truck ($$ value) is included to make a "unit train"? I thought an extra truck was only needed for spine cars?

The picture below is from the LOTS website.

Thank you.


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@RailRide posted:

2: Probably an extra truck without a coupler that can be used to join two or more of these into an articulated set. The initial traditional-size Maxi-Stacks were made as two-unit articulated set, much like their TTUX spine cars.


Railride is correct!  Thank you for responding for me!

The PDF attachment shows how to connect two cars with some suggestions about what to look for that might be a challenge or cause damage. The PDF attached is from two other LOTS Maxistack offerings over the years.  The SF Maxistack is the fourth "single" maxi-stack offered by LOTS in our 44 years of existence.  The parts needed to connect two car are packaged with the car.  The trucks will be silver trucks. 

If you have any questions, please let me know



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