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Dept. 56 Christmas in the City Blue Line Bus Terminal $30.00
Dept. 56 Christmas in the City Deerfield Airport building $30.00
Dept. 56 Christmas in the City Docside Stevedore $30.00
Dept. 56 Christmas in the City East Harbor Ferry Terminal $30.00
Dept. 56 Christmas in the City Pier 56 East Harbor Building $30.00
Dept. 56 Snow Village Cleaning the driveway again $30.00
Dept. 56 Snow Village Highrollers River Boat Casino $30.00
Dept. 56 Snow Village Red Cup Café $30.00
Dept. 56 Snow Village Red Cup Café Water tower $30.00
Dept. 56 Snow Village Winter's frost Christmas Church $30.00
ERTL 1957 stake truck 1:25 scale cast metal oranage and brown $39.00
Gemini Jets 1:400 scale airport hangers (2), lights included in hangers. If buy with terminal is $275 $200.00
Gemini Jets 1:400 scale airport terminal $100.00
Greyhound bus HO scale - 3 $30.00
JMT Phillips 1966 vintage truck bank lights and doors open red $35.00
Lionel 24 passenger figures, fits 21" passenger car O Scale 5 packages6-83653$24 each package
Lionel ACL Caboose6-83163$59.00
Lionel Hershey York Peppermint patty vat car6-81437$44.00
Menards NS box car279-3820$30.00
Menards PA merchandise service box car279-2623$30.00
Menards Santa Fe flat car with Shell fuel container279-3436$30.00
Menards Santa Fe flat car with Shell tanker279-3437$25.00
Menards Santa Fe flat car with two panel trucks279-3053$25.00
MTH #197 operating radar tower30-9032$49.00
MTH Milwaukee Road (#992300) extended caboose20-91426$59.00
New York City bus HO scale - 3 $30.00
O-line reproductions 147 covered hopper Walter's beer (2 car set)19493-19494$55.00
Railking #334 Amtrak dispatch board30-9022$69.00
Railking 12 piece railroad employees figure set30-11055$20.00
Railking 33K gallon tank car NS #49002230-73518$44.00
Railking Alaska flat car with 40' trailer30-76631$45.00
Railking Bay Canton window caboose30-77315$55.00
Railking British Columbia center one beam flat car30-76549$35.00
Railking bus station dock30-9071$25.00
Railking Coors bay window caboose30-77144$45.00
Railking Denver Rio Grande western bulkhead flat car with lumber load30-76520$35.00
Railking Freedom ES44AC Imperial Diesel & Caboose Set With Proto-Sound 3.030-20433-1A and E$340.00
Railking Interstate (NS heritage) bay window caboose30-77249$45.00
Railking Iowa Interstate offset steel caboose30-77280$45.00
Railking Missouri Pacific (U.P. Heritage) extended vision caboose20-2771B$59.00
Railking Monogahela (NS Heritage) bay window caboose30-77250$45.00
Railking Northern Pacific bulkhead flat car with lumber load30-76521$35.00
Railking Northern Pacific Center one beam flat car30-76551$35.00
Railking NS 9/11 first responders bay window caboose and SD70SCE Imperial Diesel engine proto sound 330-20361-A 30-20361-1E$399.00
Railking Santa Fe bulkhead flat car with lumber load30-76522$35.00
Railking Savanah and Atlanta bay window caboose30-77234$45.00
Railking stainless steel motor home30-90530$35.00
Railking Union Pacific bay window caboose30-4225C$45.00
Woodland Scenics 5 people talking HO scale $15.00
Woodland Scenics 6 piece road crew O scale $24.00
Woodland Scenics 7 train mechanics O Scale $25.00
Woodland Scenics HO Goodbye people 4 piece seta1912$17.00
Woodland Scenics Uniformed travels 10 pieces HO scale $20.00
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