Lowering MTH Premier Husky Stacks

Any thoughts on this or has any one done this?  I have taken the trucks off and examined and no obvious solution is presenting itself to me.  I have modern lionel husky's which sit lower at a more prototypical height and want to mimic this.

Keep in mind I am not using any actual measurements to determine proper height, just going by actual pictures.  The MTH units sit pretty high above the rail whereas the prototype 1:1 units sit very low over the rail.

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These cars can be lowered significantly, and also articulated into 5-car sets. Here are a couple pics of an articulated car, part of a 5-car set, that started out as a husky stack single car. This involves cutting the inner portion of the end out of the car body itself, and replacing with a piece of Plastruct material to mount the truck to. It lowers the car to the correct height as shown.


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