I had to remove the boiler to replace a failing smoke unit.   After putting the boiler back on, I now have a ‘lurching’ effect.    I turned the sound down but you can hear the issue in the video.    Any thoughts on fixing the issue?


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 Check the brake shoes for rubbing on the drive wheels. I took apart a perfectly running loco to reletter and weather. Ran much like yours in the video. Often times just handling the Loco on the workbench. It’s easy to tweak one inward. If it’s the case. Just loosen the mounting screw. Move it clear and re tighten.

Alabama Joe - FWIW I had a similar 'lurching' issue arise on my CN Legacy F3 AA set (6-34645) and the issue - ultimately diagnosed by Mike Reagan - was "Encoder wheel was loose on the flywheel." Consequently you may want to check this on your engine. Good Luck!

I use MTH traction tires when I run across the Lionel tires that are too thick.  This happens on a lot of different models.

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