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Has anyone had an issue with reproduction magnetic milk cans for the Lionel 3462 and 3472 operating Milk cars? I have a sense that the magnets may be too strong causing the cans to not slide properly. I'm experimenting with thin tape on the bottom of the milk cans to reduce the magnetic strength.


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Steve; I’ve been using repro milk cans (sold to me by none other than the late Jim Barrett of OGR fame) with both of my 3472 milk cars for roughly 20 years. I have had zero issues with the repro cans properly ejecting from either of my milk cars.

In fact, I’ve found the repro cans with slightly larger magnets to be vastly superior to the original Postwar cans that came with the cars. Postwar cans had a tendency to eject and tumble whereas the repro cans eject and stand up.


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