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I am looking for information to use at the Pulaski Township (PA) Fall Gathering in September 2013 on the Mahoning and Shenango Railway and Light Company's trolley line that operated from Hubbard, OH via Sharon, PA to New Castle, PA, transiting Pulaski Township in the 1920s.  I am assisting our historical committee in developing a presentation and would like information and to know if anyone might have modeled the Mahoning and Shenango Railway or portions thereof.

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Just this past week, OGR's George Seil loaned me a softcover book titled "The Penn-Ohio Rail System Story" and subtitled "A History of an Electric Railway of the Mahoning and Shenango River Valleys of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania."


George knows that I'm a big-time fan of trolleys, and since I was born and raised in this area he felt I would enjoy the book.


The book was written by Robert S. Korach and published in 2006 by Harold E. Cox of Forty Fort, PA.  This 64-page book may have exactly what you are looking for.


It appears to be available via the following link:


Since it was published fairly recently, copies may still be available ($16.50, as I recall).  Give that link a try first.  At the very least, George may permit me to let you borrow the book.  I can check with him tomorrow.


Allan, Thanks for your timely and helpful reply. I followed the link you provided, ordered the book but for some reason could not complete checkout. A telephone number was provided for orders and I plan to contact the Trolley Museum tomorrow. At this point, it doesn't appear that I would need to borrow the book George Seil loaned you if I can get my own copy.  However, I noted that states the book is no longer available so I am getting mixed signals.  I hope to verify availability tomorrow with the Trolley Museum Bookstore.  Do you happen to know anyone in the Youngstown/New Castle Area who may have modeled this or similar trolley lines?


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