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I purchased an all black 3461 dumping flat car this past summer. It's only missing one bed stake, so bully for me. My question is, How do I remove the wheels on the trucks so I can clean them effecently? Half of the wheels spin freely, the other half don't. I feel that there is pet hair, carpet fibers, etc. caught in the wheels. I don't want to destroy this car cleaning it. The car is in really good shape. I got it with the activation track and the button w/ wiring. It was in a box of crap, at an auction and I think I got the whole box for $5. As far as I can tell, there is no zinc pest on the trucks.

Also, if anyone history info on this car please post that up as well. Now I need to find the correct dump station.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi, I would recommend not taking it apart but rather put a DROP of oil inside wheel axle and spin the wheel that usually takes care of the problem as almost always rust is the culprit and not pet hair! I would recommend turbine oil never use wd40 as it will gum up! your local hobby shop will have all kinds of oils just remember Don't use wd 40! I have many of these cars and the only other maintenance might be occasionally the coupler string will break and need replaced!

also, the solenoid wiring sometimes becomes very brittle and insulation comes off due to age and can short out to frame! sometimes you might need to replace the wiring and resolder cold solder joints!

you can purchase turbine oil on

Turbine Oil Zoom Oiler All-Purpose Telescoping-Spout Rust Buster Dad Gift Xmas | eBay


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No need to remove the trucks, just the wheels/axles/coupler plate to service the sliding shoes and clean/lube axles.  Takes about 30 seconds to remove, 30 seconds to replace on each truck by gently spreading the truck bolsters(they're a soft spring steel) and reverse to replace.

The car is activated by any 5 rail remote control section - UCS / RCS / 1019 / 6019.

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I just did a complete overhaul on 2 of these cars.  I got them with a log loader on a Stout auction several months back.  They're a little trickier than you might think.  The picture from @ADCX Rob isn't of a sliding shoe truck, so it's a bit harder (for me at least).  First of all, as @Alan Mancus stated, the insulation on the wires is probably disintegrating.  If not, skip to the next paragraph.  If so, first take a picture of how they're connected to the fiber (?) boards that are connected to the solenoid.  Since I had 2 cars, I didn't have to take pics since I could refer to the other one.  I was not able to solder the connection to the sliding shoe without taking the wheels and trucks apart.  If you can do that, great, easy peasy.  You may have to take apart the fiber boards as well (I did).  I'm an 'okay' solderer (took some time), but not great.  I was able to get 3 out of 4 the sliding shoe connections (2 cars, remember) resoldered, but on 1 I destroyed the little frame it's on.  That part number is 483-2.  You might want to check with Jeff at ttender for it, if not then the bay.  Jeff may also have a replacement for your missing stake.

The plunger may need some TLC to raise up with enough force,  I put a tiny amount of model grease on it, and it worked wonders.

Lastly, the hinge to which the lifting plate is connected will need some TLC as well.  Clean it thoroughly, also the little brass (?) arm which I guess kind of holds it up.  Then, apply the lubrication you think it right on those spots.

This is what I did, and they now work great.  YMMV.

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