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Wondering what everybody uses to work on their herd when the wheels aren't on the tracks.  Specifically upside down for drive maint or on the side for detailing, etc.  I know there's towels and foam and all sorts of stuff one can lay on their bench, but does anyone have a home made rack or cradle that protects the pointy bits and paint while still securing your models?  Pictures?  Setting a nice brass steam engine on its lid just using a towel or sheet of foam seems fairly precarious.

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For upside down, I just made my own "cradle" from some 1"x4" and lined it with carpet foam padding, and then I just use as many layers of kitchen towels intercepted on their way to the trash can as needed to lower whatever it is securely into cradle.


For doing on the side work, a folded bath towel on top of my glass work surface; might put a bit of industrial paper towel in between.

I went to a local retail mattress store in the KCMO area and bought some scrap foam pieces 4" thick. Then used a sharp knife and razor to cut out the 3" wide 2" deep notch to cradle the loco or cars. I think I paid $10 for 3-4 pieces and made one for a club I belonged to and a couple for friends. Been a few years ago so the foam might have gone up the mattress company was happy to sell this scrap cutoffs to me.



Great suggestions.  I like the DIY, I think I have a section of new carpet padding out in the garage.  Have to see if the plastic webbing stuff comes off easily.


 I'll also have to ask my wife if she has any of those hip wedge things laying around. (RN at an assisted living community).


Building off of this topic......transportation.  How do you all transport your stock?  We had wooden cases with slide out shelves for the HO stuff that were very secure when closed and easily portable.  I don't think that would work too well with O due to the size of the case needed.  What are your tricks?  Or do most just pack everything back in the original boxes and stack em up?


thanks guys

I use a wood channel with a terrycloth sling stapled in.  This works for even the most delicate models.  Once in a while I use an extra piece or two of soft foam.


I did the pilot of my long-gone PSC AC-6 in the sling - that thing was the definition of a delicate model.  Took two of us to hold the sling and drill the holes.

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