482F34AB-D10A-4E6C-831B-D7CF75B3806D58727B04-B1B5-439D-9721-1E99F81258FE77D8312D-510B-4042-B7E1-A4484BDDE70E8C8B95CD-DE2E-4655-9F43-E07E644EAC04A383BACA-6771-4CB8-BB85-A186B947BF0220D5BC07-3702-4F54-8EDA-DC8F04D65B50I have been making trees, using plastic armatures and some with sorghum that we grew last year. I used poly fiber glued to the armatures and then added ground foam and leaf flake using diluted matte medium. 

After spreading the sorghum heads, I painted with army green camo, then used the ground foam.  Not quite a pine,  but still a pretty cheap tree. 
The last photo shows a tree armature, but with Supertree branches used instead of the poly fiber, because I ran out of the fiber. I will continue using the Supertree branches because it is a lot easier than making the 15 to 20 fiber tufts for each tree. 


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Incredibly well done.  While I am locked in on quarantine, you’ve inspired me to head down and make some trees. Thanks.

Very nice looking trees, I like your techniques.  Have you tried any of the Scenic Express materials for making trees.  They have an outstanding assortment.  Thanks for sharing.

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