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Not sure if this is the correct place for my inquiry.  redirect me to correct site if needed.

I wanted to create a simple CTC panel on heavy aluminum or masonite backing, and read people having overlay made/printed commercially.  Was this done by a sign company, or is there an OGR sponsor or a private party here who can do this start to finish from a sketch?


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If you Google "model railroad CTC products" you will find these guys, who make CTC machines.

If you mean that you want a track diagram created on a panel, then any sign-making company (or a graphic designer, or a teenaged computer geek) can create one using diagram software.

The second one is one I was wanting.  Will call around here to see whats what.


I used standard 8-1/2x11 paper in my home Epson printer. I have access to a sheet laminator, so laminated them. I then attached it to pegboard. The yard one was sized to fit for just the 8-1/2x11. The main panel, I used white contact paper to cover the rest were the switch and accessory controls are. As I was drawing, I made sure the switch and track locations would be over holes in the pegboard for easy placement of switches and indicators.

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