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@CAPPilot posted:

It is not a model train set, but a full layout. No telling how much equipment he has.  Looks like 2’ wide, so 400 SF makes it less than a dollar/SF.  Wish I could build my layout that cheap.

How did you do that calculation?  $300,000 / 400 = $750 sq/ft.  I could have a REALLY NICE custom layout built for that kind of loot!  My 315 sq/ft layout would cost $235K using those numbers, and I can assure you all the trains and the layout aren't even in that zipcode!

Not to pick nit but my math is little different:

I figure it is closer to 64 inches wide from the picture with him reaching across.

That makes it 5ft 4 inches across.

200*5.3 = 1060 sqft

33300K  George spent over $330,000 to bring the model to life. It’s currently being displayed at a local market hall until December 21.)/1060 = $311 a sq ft.  I can stick build a house for well under 311/SqFt.

Something ain't right with these numbers.

It's 2-rail O scale.  If you google "heaton lodge junction model railway" you'll find a number of links and videos, including  Considering that it's O scale, described as having 3 miles of track, fully automatic operation, etc., along with the fact that custom layouts can easily run into 6 figures (I assume not including the trains), the stated number doesn't sound impossible.  If that's how he wants to spend his money, so be it.

The article can play up the relationship angle in order to capture eyeballs, but I'll bet he has plenty of money left to spend on her.

There is a video on YouTube the owner, Simon George talks about the layout:

*So the OGR moderators don't zucc this post: All rights of the respective video belong to World of Railways/Digitrains

Simon also has a YouTube channel called "Britian's Biggest Model Railway" where he uploads videos from his layout: Full Playlist of Uploads
In the playlist, MIOG Parts 1 and 2 show lots of different trains running


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