Manufacturers at Worlds Greatest Train show - Oaks, PA

According to the brochure the following manufacturers will be at Oaks this weekend:

Lionel, Walthers, Bachman, Kato, Pike MTH, Broadway Limited, Kalbach Publishing and Caboose Industries.

Something there for everyone, along with vendors and train displays.  The Reading Historical is incredible.

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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Interesting, Lionel is skipping the spring York, but they're going to the WGHS...

Its just a smart business decision. The WGHOT show is an open to the public event that attracts double the audience of the mostly closed to the public event in York. That 2 hall two day public admission is not providing much of a benefit for the hobby to grow. The York event is a stale show attended mainly by the same old audience year after year. In contrast the WGHOT show provides the opportunity for manufacturers to reach a fresh, new and different audience of potential NEW customers. For model train companies the decision is a no-brainer!

Builder of the Hill Lines ( New Delta Lines). Recreating history for the model RR community.

ZWPOWER13 posted:

Definitely going to try to make it and pester Lionel about Quality Control!!!!!!!!

Lionel's entire set up is mostly geared towards sets for kids and their parents. Complaining to Lionel about QC will get you no where.

you would be better off sending emails to the people in charge and state your thoughts in a civil manner. This show is not the place. The best place would be York in October, some of the management team is always there. 


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