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I just wanted to take a few moments to thank all of the folks from the EDTCA.  What an amazing meet given the huge obstacles they had to overcome.  I sincerely appreciate the effort that was made as I really needed York and a traincation from work.  You should be very proud of yourselves and from where I stood, you had a successful meet which is already making me long for April.

I would also like to thanks the vendors, the selling members, the attending members, and the fairground staff.  I feel we got a little bit of ourselves back again over the weekend.

Please take a few moments and thanks the folks who got Fall York 2021 back on track!

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I personally thanked Mike Petronella and Sam/Debbie Geiser for having another successful York meet given the adverse conditions/ situations this country has been going through.
It was just nice to pull into the parking lot on Thursday am and see all the cars parked there with eager hobbyists waiting for the halls to open!

Thank you EDTCA! Let the April 2022 countdown begin.

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