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@Charlie posted:

Eddy Wichman of 401 Streamline Models, lives in Delavan, WI. He did have a "engineer sample" of the CNW Observation but no delivery time or price. The observation car will complete the set of the car types for most of the "400" series passenger cars.

He did mention that he was in the early stages of producing the early CNW Bi-Level or Gallery cars, but again, this is in the very early stages.

Eddy is a really nice guy and is putting out a pretty specific product at a really nice price. Hopefully the market will support him.


Maybe I missed it Charlie.

Does he have direct contact info?

I also messaged you separately.


- Will

Hey Will: Here is the information about Eddy and "401 Streamline Models"

Edmund (Eddy) Wichman

128 South Second St.

Delavan, WI 53115

Sorry, there is no website for his products.

Also of interest, you might want check out the most recent release of decals from Protocraft. They have passenger car decals for the 400 (heavyweight AND Lightweight), and the Challenger. I ordered one of each to review the quality and from what I can tell, the printing is very accurate. I have not actually laid down any of the decals yet. Protocraft items are very well researched.

Lastly, I agree with the above comments on 3rd Rail E6's. The execution was pretty from my set, and I only wished I could have afforded a few more, but money was an issue. If another run was to be offered again, I would be interested in the Illinois Central set, however, I am still trying to commit to the Santa Fe E1. Not working now is a bit of an issue.

Hope that helps.


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