I don't know if this is appropriate, but they are a forum sponsor. I don't buy much online and saw a Lionel Haunted House I wanted for the layout. Did a bunch of research and Mario's was by far the cheapest. I received the item within days and it was perfectly packaged. Was highly impressed since you read about bad experiences people have with online vendors.

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I have bought from them for several years.  Great prices, free shipping, no sales tax.  Don't tell anyone.

I have found ordering from Mario's to be positive. They are not a Big Box store, so sometimes things happen, but I have found that they work earnestly with you to correct any rare error on their part and I have always had a positive outcome.

 I placed a few big MTH pre-orders with them. Good communication, pricing and free shipping. I'm giving them a try since all the others are not offering deals.

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Marios has treated me well, too. If Joe doesn't have an item I am looking for, he tries to find one and let's me know either way. They pack the best as well, extra cushioning around the inner carton, very much needed in the faced-pace shipping world.

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I got my Lionel Promontory Summit set there as well as a Legacy GP38-2 from Mario's. I enjoy that they have coupons. A dealer I'll definitely be ordering from more often! 

I buy quite a bit from Marios much to my wallets demise. 

Always my first call.  After checking availability,  if they have it with coupons & no freight charge no sales tax they are always less and fast efficient shipping with notifications.  

I did have 1 engine that went bad shortly after I got it, they told me to contact manufacturer for repair and they handled it. Whereas Trainworld for example would have exchanged it.

Just different policies. 

I've bought from Mario's a couple of times.  Good prices, fast turnaround, no issues.  Haven't had a warranty situation, so can't speak to that.

Just had a great experience with Mario’s last week.  I ordered a rail king Reading MP15dc on a Wednesday afternoon, and had it by Saturday!  The best price anywhere with the coupon and free shipping.  Great packaging too!  
By the way, that mp15 is a beautiful engine!

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Was highly impressed since you read about bad experiences people have with online vendors.

Not sure what vendors those are - I haven't had bad experiences at all with online vendors, at least the ones I've used over the years.

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