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I'm looking at adding a MARS light simulator to the headlamp circuit on a couple PS2 3V/PS32 boards in projects I have going. I run all the lights in the locomotive off the headlamp circuit using LEDs and resistors. I'm wondering if something like this would work with the 6V PWM on the circuit: Mars Light for Model Trains, or Double Pulsing, Heartbeat LED – Evan Designs Thoughts?

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For PS2 or PS32, you will need to filter the 6V headlight voltage as the PWM will drive the little processor on the MARS simulator nuts.  I typically stick a 47 ohm resistor and a 100uf cap across the headlight output.  The 47 ohm resistor is just to avoid any issues with the inrush current to the cap.  It may be unnecessary, but it makes me feel better about not popping the headlight FET.


In my early conversion days, I confused the mars light with the beacon as I didn't use either. Once in a while I'd notice things, like my number boards blinking like a mars light for example. I stumbled across issues with each install and never kept records. None of my more modern diesel installs needed mars lights.

At one point, I'd put the PS2 board set in, load the sound file I liked, and then connected all the extra lights according to what the soft keys controlled. I even remember one sound set, had the softkeys labeled wrong.

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