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Can anyone tell me anything about this gon? 

The one I have is similar, except the floor is silver.  Rather unusual in that the metal is heavy gauge, more like Tonka than tinplate.  A floor toy, perhaps?  It does track and run on O27...

Unless it's uber rare, I'm prolly going to respray the body orange and add it to the RTC work train. 



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They are referenced as Marx Std Gauge, but that is not accurate. They are Marx floor toys.

Well, this one has been "narrow gauge"  modded to take Marx O scale wheelsets...


(Three guesses who decided to photobomb the shoot.  The first two don't count.) 


The jump start pack at rear shows I don't just work on trains... 


Long wheelbase notwithstanding, it runs fine on O27 track, and the tab couplers work fine with my prewar American Flyer...


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