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I ran across a beat up Marx 597 engine with the manual reverse and the pin coupler. Thought I would restore it since it is a bit uncommon. Anyone know what tender and cars came with it? Ive seen different configurations of cars and figured either they were not the original sets or more probably Marx made sets with what it had on hand.
Need at least one 10 spoke driver as it has come apart. The shell was repainted and needs new domes and headlight ring as well as a bulb fixture.

I'm wondering if it would have had the prewar couplers since the engine has the pin coupler to the tender rather than a tab and slot version. May also have had the intermediate version between Joy Line and Marx tab which had the small hole in the tender coupler to use the pin type of coupler from the engine, and then regular tab and slot couplers for the cars.  Could have been all prewar, or a mix...



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I have an early 597 coupler-pin/"swing peg" Commodore Vanderbilt that's very similar to yours, it even has the same manual-reverse motor. I pulled it and the few matching cars I have accumulated down from the shelves and snapped some photos for you. My locomotive is also messily repainted and missing parts-- must be a theme with early CVs!

Marx Swing Peg Vanderbilt with Manual Reverse and ratty paint job

All of the swing-peg Vanderbilt sets that I have seen came with cars with Joy Line Couplers. Those generally have round frames with silver litho like this tender and caboose. I think that some early CVs came with articulated passenger cars but I'm not as familiar with those.

Joy Line Coupler early Marx cars

I checked in my parts bins for an intact 10-spoked geared wheel without linkage pin. You are in luck-- I happen to have one left over from another project. Shoot me an email if you'd like me to send it to you.

Marx prewar 10-spoke wheels

Cheers from one Marx collector to another!


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  • Marx Swing Peg Vanderbilt with Manual Reverse and ratty paint job
  • Joy Line Coupler early Marx cars
  • Marx prewar 10-spoke wheels

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