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"How's it work with TMCC/Legacy?"

Metal bridges must be insulated from tubular track ties.  I use a layer of grey indoor/outdoor carpet under the track.  If track must be secured to the bridge, 3mm black nylon screws (from the river site) work great.  Some of the time, the TMCC "ground plane" signal gets through the open trusses.  If there's problem with signal reception within the bridge remains, then connect the metal bridge to the ground plane (as discussed on other threads).

@RosevilleRR posted:

They shouldn’t be too hard to find.  I stumbled across a Rock Island one at a local antique shop the other day and bought it.  I was going to hit it with some silver paint, but changed my mind.  The rust gives it a good patina.


is, that, an, Autocarrier? and AND a bridge? oh be still my heart. very nice nice indeed! Now to write out a check from my train purchasing fund to repair a WaTeRLeaK. (such a waste of good train funds.)

Beauty, thanks for the share. Marx Metal Bridge!!

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