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What a quagmire. So, Marx made 3 tie track 27" diameter curves and 8 7/8" straights. Then they made 5 tie track 34" diameter curves and 11 1/4" straights. They called this wide radius and made turnouts and 90-degree crossings in the 2 different sizes.

I'm using Anyrail and I can make the basic figure 8 (27", 34") with the right crossing if I want to make an over and under, I can't make the track line up! What am I doing wrong?


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It can't be done w/o custom cutting two pieces of straight track to replicate the length of each crossing section respectively. You can demonstrate this by using two crossings in the plan either stacked, or offset from the center for overlay visibility, without tracks connected to the 90º stubs.

None of the manufacturers made these "makeup" sections(7.38" for O-27, 8.31" for "O"), which would have also simplified reverse loop construction.

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