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Greg J. Turinetti posted:

I like the looks of the old time style cars.  Were there very many variations of that style of car made by New Marx?  Did old Marx ever use that style of car?  I can just imagine a string of those freight cars behind a William Crooks engine.

Northwoods Flyer


Greg, as I progress with the series you will see some old time style cars. This sheet metal matched the original Wm Crooks cars. This sheet metal as you will see was used on boxcars, passenger cars and cabeese. One of Marx Trains earliest products was a St Paul & Pacific boxcar and caboose to closely match the original Marx coaches. The major difference is the scale type B trucks. Here is the caboose.


Marx Trains St Paul and Pacific Caboose


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  • Marx Trains St Paul and Pacific Caboose

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