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Do all postwar Marx transformers have built-in circuit breakers? Many of them have manually-resettable breakers but I'm trying to find out which ones had automatic resetting breakers. I build cheap starter sets for TTOS-SP Division and I need to know which ones are safe to use. (These sets do not have engines with modern electronics). In the meantime,  I'll apply the "screwdriver test" to the terminals to see if they pop.

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I have abandoned transformer circuit breakers and use 6 amp fast acting breakers with reset buttons and a signal light to indicate a short circuit.  This scheme eliminates the replacing of circuit breakers in the transformers, a Marx, Lionel or whatever.  These circuit breakers are available at local electronic supply houses or eBay for a few dollars.  You could mount a circuit breaker and signal light in small electronic plastic construction boxes available at the source above and add them with your small starter set transformers you add to the small train sets you make up.  The box will be added between the transformer center rail wire and the track.

Each Lionel LW train transformer runs only trains and is protected with a 6 amp circuit breaker mounted below the control panel with the reset button sticking up threw the control panel face.  The Circuit Breaker's have a 18 volt light bulbs wired across the contacts and mounted below red plastic to show the light (labeled "Short") when the CB trips.  The CB is reset with by pushing the red reset button on the control panel.

Left side switch panel of active touch track Diagram below.   "Reset" is for 6 amp circuit breaker (CB) for inside loop LW  transformer (the reset button is part of the 6 amp circuit breaker mounted under the panel 1/8 in Masonite panel)

"Short" is light wired across CB to light when tripped, the red Reset button is the actual CB reset button as the CB is below the control panel.



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