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Only ten of these were builtIMG_4680IMG_4681Canadian Pacific gondola (production 3)IMG_4687White 1969 National Convention gondolaIMG_4686Dick Owen tanker McCoy custom made IMG_4734Chrome plated refer carIMG_4676Bob Cloud's TTOS Pres. carIMG_4707Very rare 1980 Factory visit carIMG_4712Rare Pig Palace TPD stock carIMG_4743My 8 different McCoy trolley's


Images (10)
  • IMG_4680: I believe only six of these made??
  • IMG_4681: Black Canadian Pacific gondola
  • IMG_4687: White TCA convention gondola
  • IMG_4686: Custom made Dick Owen tanker
  • IMG_4734: Chrome plated TCA refer
  • IMG_4676: Bob Cloud's TTOS Presidential car
  • IMG_4692: Pacific Electric boxcar
  • IMG_4707: Rare factory visit boxcar
  • IMG_4712: TPD Pig Palace
  • IMG_4743: My eight different McCoy trolleys
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Bob McCoy let us run the prototype of the 12 Camden Station open trolley and trailer on our layout at a TTOS Convention. I asked him several times about the trailer and he told me he was not going to make the trailer. My wife talked him into making one for me and gave it to me for Christmas So I know that there must be at least two, the prototype and mine. I don't know if mine would be considered a prototype or a one-of-a-kind.DSC08404DSC08406


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  • DSC08404
  • DSC08406

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