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If you play with McCoy, you know about 20-40% of them will show signs of zinc pest, some completely broken away. I have 3 in my roundtuit pile, but replacement steam chests are nonexistent. I've contemplated a few alternatives, but decided to try the simplest first. 1 1/8" dowel cut to length. So far it seems to work, but I'll put a bit of run time on it to make sure it holds up. If all goes well, I'll make one for the other side and and then do my other loco's. I will paint it black, but wanted a photo showing the bare wood.


McCoy Steam Chest Repair


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Wood is a good idea ..just like Lionel did on the 5 , 6,7,& 51 ...and they have held up 100+ years ....  you can wrap the center with a thin piece of metal ...and it would be just like Lionel.


McCoy ..and zinc pest ...I've heard about wheels and the frames on the some of the small trolley / handcars/ did they do the motors on the John Daniels GG1 ?

What other McCoy castings are out there that go bad ?

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The steam chest as already mentioned are a big problem and so is the yoke that hold the steam chests. McCoy's are really the only source and are sometimes impossible to get through to. Wheels are also an issue, but at least repro's are available. The under frame motors for trolleys, street cars and the Wappid Wabbit use a cast frame and are also a big problem.


I was fortunate enough to get replacement trim castings for my Cascade E2 from Bonnie some years ago. So far the new ones haven't shown any signs of zinc pest, and I replaced all the drive wheels and now it runs.

My 6 wheel Chief Cle Elum has been severely damaged though. The steam chest, wheels, pilot wheel frame, and headlight casting have all deteriorated.

The motor fame on for my Interurban trolley is shot as well.

I do have access to 3D cad and 3D printing, some machine tools of my own and there are local CNC machine shops in my area. That may be my long term, although expensive, solution to getting some of these McCoy engines running again.

I was able to get the proper driver wheels, including the blind drivers for the 6 wheeler from Hennings.

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