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My I, I recently inherited a selection of standard gauge tinplate from my grandfather. From what I can see, most of it is McCoy, a brand I’m unfamiliar with. I was wondering if anyone could be so kind as to help me identify what each piece is and maybe how much it is worth?


All seem to be in good condition, only damage is some scratched paint on the underside where the trucks attach to the body

i don’t currently intend to sell it, and I am also wondering if I would be able to run these with modern standard gauge equipment, like from MTH


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I'm sure others will chime in, but since I appear to be the first, I'll add this link:

McCoy items can be highly desirable among tinplate collectors. I have my own collection of McCoy circus cars, and I inherited a number of pieces from my late Grandfather's collection. I enjoy them a lot. They can be very good runners, if maintained properly.

An 'Achilles' heel' of many vintage McCoy items are, unfortunately, in their zinc castings they used in wheels, motor frames, and trim, as these tend to warp and crumble badly.

Some replacement parts are available, but are tricky to find. Search the boards here if you need parts. I've bought parts off of folks from this forum, plus have made my own replacement parts using 3D printing, and common machine tools.

They can be easily run with traditional Lionel transformers and trackage or equivalent and they can be nicely paired with the more early Lionel standard gauge engines and cars. 

McCoy ended production in the early 90's, if I believe right.


CJ Meyers


The list that CJMeyers sent is good as I use it to find what is out there. Pricing McCoy is kind of hard. I m sure you looked on eBay  and found that the prices are all over the place as with other sites.
When looking do not forget to add the price of the item with the shipping as this will be the true cost.
Watch out for overpriced shipping when doing this.
There are a lot of folks here who may more experience on this McCoy pricing. I purchased McCoy items from the forum as the items were price right and from eBay.
Have about 25 pieces of rolling stock with one McCoy 4-4-4 engine.
Nice tin plate just keep everything oiled.

Since these were your Grandfathers you may just want to keep/run them and pass them down as he did to you


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