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This engine was spotted traveling about on Sethian's layout right before the INS dragged him off for harbouring another illegal alien while protesting something about he was only thinking about a adding a logging spur out into the neighbor's basement.


I've uploaded the video 3 times now and gotten error messages, etc and there's apparently no clear way to just insert it from off-site so here are the links to both videos.

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Originally Posted by christopher N&W:

Nice video. Looking forward to hearing the story on that neat looking engine.


Hopefully John didn't get too much grief for his misdeeds.

That little engine is a Reutling production item,


John is in deep baa baa sticky - his better 1/2 knows he can make videos....

Originally Posted by John Sethian:

As for the events of last Thursday, I still have no idea what happened in my basement. 


In fact, it took us less time to clean and lube the loco than to figure out how to get the camera to take videos.

That's effects of the massive amounts of pharmaceuticals that were administered....


Yes, it took forever to find the red start button,

Hi John,


Thank you for the unsolicited  review. Thanks also to Chris  N&W, and CWEX] I was involved  with the  H&B 2-6-0, in that  I made the masters and  did the   'design' work.  They  were cast by Berkshire Valley.  That was the  first time I had done something for anyone else.  Dick Barnes [ H&B] did the   assembly and finish work., along with  sales and advertising.  I realized that I could  maybe  build  R-T-R  engines and  have my model RRing  not take any  food from the  table..  So I did a  2-8-0 based on the light  Ma&Pa  connie.


As to the  ugly  2-6-6-0, I made my version of   the   NP 2-6-6-2  but leaving off the  Belpaire Firebox, and  trailing truck.  That way no one could say I did it  incorrectly; i.e.  wrong number of rivets, etc.  I used the  Ma& Pa  tender, which is  close  to the  NP original.  The  boiler is  sheet styrene cut to  the  ID of  exhaust pipe circumference  similar in size to the OD of the  boiler lagging.   Snapped the   styrene into the  pipe and  heated  the  pipe and  styrene in hot water on the  stove to some mystery  temp so that  when  cooled, the  styrene  would be  still  nicely cylindrical, with no straights at the seam.  [ Martin's is missing  the  steam exhaust piping from the  front engine to the   bottom of the  smoke box.  He and I have already discussed this.We also discussed the lack of  stair to the running boards]


I wanted to  keep the  drive  as  straight-forward as I could, and at the  time  Bob Turner was   promoting  Toyota [IIRC] #0 fuel line.  I got a piece and   Yup, it does last a long time.


Ed Reutling

Originally Posted by leikec:

Looks good! I like the Boxcab in the other videos.


Jeff C



That was some one's scratchbuild project from long ago - pretty heavy gauge steel body that I inserted a modified Weaver drive into with some sort of traction sideframes.


I have another (galvanized steel body...) that I should take out for a test run and record, too.


And, I have yet another (tin plated steel) on my bench that's "in progress" and that may appear in print at some future date,


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800-980-OGRR (6477)

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