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During this time of year we have had requests to have a featured topic  where the membership could post their special holiday greetings and layouts. it is!!  Lets see how many we can post!!

The OGR family would like to wish all of you a safe and very happy Holiday season.  We thank all of you that continue to support our magazine through your subscriptions and advertising for without you, there would be no OGR!  Bless each and everyone!!

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Surely there are more posts to come???  Hope this is just a little early and we don't have a bah humbug!!

Most people are probably still working off their tryptophan stupors  

I won’t even make it home till tomorrow and it will probably be a week before I get to decorating. This year, I will finally break out a bunch of my Dept. 56 Snow Village houses for the layout (sorry... no tall buildings!!!). Pics will, inevitably, follow.

In the past I had a Christmas layout pretty well set up by early December.  However, this year is different after my total knee replacement last month.  We fumbled the tree up and the lights are on but that’s all.  I am thinking of just setting up a snowy diorama on the new layout I started this year.  At least I could put the Polar Express on the track for basically a static display.  

I’m looking forward to seeing this topic take off in the three weeks ahead.  Yes, only three weeks!

Happy Holidays everyone!  I think this year’s layout is our biggest yet. Thankful that our “kids” (in their 20’s) were here this weekend to help out.  Truly a family effort - which made it fun in building. Great posts everyone - fun to see all of the different trains, layouts, and posts to celebrate The Season.


Two Hudsons making the circuits tonight: a post war ‘64 773 and the newer 783:


Scenes around the layout:


Here’s a short video:

Thank you Alan for starting a great thread and all you, your staff and the forum sponsors do for our hobby.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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Basement layout......2016.....


Though it doesn't look it, this next layout is actually a Christmas layout......on the floor of my bedroom in the Bronx, either 72-73 or 73-74. It is significant in that it was my last layout, and the last time that I took out the trains until 1980 (this is about the time school really started heating up).

Nothing with trains until early 1980, when as a medical intern in Baltimore, I saw an ad in the Baltimore Sun for a Greenberg Train & Toy Show at Towson State. I went. The bug was rekindled, and I asked my parents to bring the trains down when they visited at Easter.  Trains ever since......




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Great idea Alan. I would like to wish all my train friends a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and a VERY happy and healthy New Year. We bought a place in Florida in mid-2018 and now spend winters here (not much sense spending the summers here). I miss the NJHR Christmas party and train show. And Trainstock and Springfield. But not enough to be back in the northeast in the winter.

Bob Bruno, a NJHR member, just passed. We had some club internal e-mails. Bob was a really great guy. I've periodically invited people to my house to play with trains, and have totally enjoyed doing that. The attached picture of "train guys" is from 2013. Bob is between John Scaravella and Dotty. He was always a pleasure to be with. Other people in the picture are Bill Parkinson, Erol (Locolawyer), Bob DeGuarde, Captain John, Alex, me (behind John), Carl, Dotty and Marty. As Mike Caruso says, all in front of my "wall of hats".

The other picture is of my grandchildren Theo and Rory having fun acting as train tunnels. Gotta have fun!


Gerry's Posse #01Theo & Rory as tunnels 01


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  • Theo & Rory as tunnels 01

Well ok, i cant start the trains until the tree is completed!   So here is the tree just finished.  I will then get some train shots in the next few days.


Here is previous layout, well one side of it.


A very happy Christmas to everyone and thank you all for your help and knowledge on all things O gauge.

We live in a great country and the people on this forum prove it!!


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Mike McCutcheon posted:



Holiday Greetings forum friends.  The tree is up and the trains are running.    This was my gift Christmas morning 1973.   Lionel MPC Cannonball set.   ATSF 2-4-0 #8300 is still pulling fast and strong at 46 years old.

Nice!  I got the Lionel Cannonball set for Christmas 1973 as well, and still have it in my collection.

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