As we approach this memorial day,let us pause a moment to remember who made it possible for us to enjoy our hobby and our American way of life...and continue to do so....

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Without implying any criticism at all, I wish to make some timely reminders here.

Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday in May, the 18th year) honors all who are CURRENTLY serving in the Armed Forces of the US, and it is the culminating day of Armed Forces week.  (BTW, the word military is an adjective, not a noun.  Members do not serve "in the military" but rather "in the Armed Forces" or "in the Armed Services.")

Veteran's Day (11th of November) honors all who HAVE served in the Armed Forces of the US, past and present, living and dead.  Its origins are in Armistice Day, commemorating the end of the fighting of WWI.

Memorial Day  (Observed on the last Monday of May, the 26th this year; originally always May 30th) honors those who GAVE THEIR LIVES in armed service.  Its origins date from Decoration Day closely following the American Civil War, designated as a day to decorate the graves of those who had died fighting for the Union.  It was held on May 30th as being the only date on the calendar NOT associated with a significant armed clash during the war; the first official observance (1868) was authorized by Maj Gen John Logan, head of the Grand Army of the Republic, the veteran's organization of the day.

Please remember that these observances are not interchangeable, generic, or merely an excuse for a retail sale and BBQ.

Palallin's post is a wise one - and one that each of us needs to remember.

However, "(BTW, the word military is an adjective, not a noun.  Members do not serve 'in the military' but rather 'in the Armed Forces' or 'in the Armed Services.')" is incorrect.  Multiple dictionaries refer to "military" as both an ADJECTIVE and as a NOUN.  

Here in Ohio, we just left behind 2 weeks of showing our respect for First Responders by displaying a BLUE porch light.  The first week started on May 9th and ended on May 16th.  National Police Week began on May 13th and ended at 9 AM on May 20th.  On May 20th I replaced blue with white.  Beginning this evening, I went GREEN in support of our veterans both living and deceased.  On the evening of May 27th, I will add an illuminated United States flag in continuance of my love and support for ALL veterans and service personnel .  Please join me in "lighting up GREEN" and show your support.  THANK YOU gentlemen!

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PRR's "Angel of the Resurrection" still stands in the concourse of Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. 1307 names of  Pennsylvania Railroad employees, both men and women, who gave their lives in WWII appear on its' base.   


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