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Some Great new items have just been added and dont forget about the kiddies and grandkids with our great toy selection!!!!

Phil55, it is a holiday weekend and some people do take time off with there families.  So hold off till Tuesday and see if you get an answer.  Also it is 11:30 at night. 

Phil, what email did you send it too? I have no record of it at charlienassau@aol.com? Also on the other hand Chris has been incredibly busy running the store by himself and one other. The phone doesn’t stop ringing, we are doing curbside and internet is swamped. His priority is to get the orders out the door. Also we made the decision to close Saturday, Sunday and of course Monday to get some rest and enjoy the holiday. Chris and his family did come in yesterday only to pack and label boxes to get a jump on what will be a crazy day Tuesday. So he did not answer phones or answer emails yesterday, just download orders. I would fly out and help him but my wife is in a higher risk category and I need to be with her. Sorry for the misunderstanding but you can email me directly and I can get back to you. Our normal email is orders@nassauhobby.com


Happy Memorial Day to everyone, Charlie 

Happy memorial day to all our current and former military, to all that have given all for our country,  to those that have have lost or to those that have lost someone to this virus, to all our first responders,  to all our essential workers and to all our front line hospital workers dealing with this virus everyday!!!

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