We had a beautiful 43 degree sunny Sunday in mid-north Indiana today, so after church, my wife and I drove the 25 miles to Lafayette and had lunch at Chili's. Then we drove to Menards, finding that the merchandise pickup place was way towards the back of the building, "off govt. property." Love that line from South Pacific.  Great big box. It barely fit in the trunk of my 28K '91 Seville. Did some more shopping and ended up at WalMart for soft drinks and cat treats. Unloaded the car in shirt sleeves and the lady cat helped me open the box. The cars, and figures tumbled out, and the freight cars were nicely wrapped. I was pleased to find that my building was the Gamer & Thrones building. With my floor (carpet) layout, this will work well in the middle of the two tracks of my version of the Horseshoe Curve. I haven't had time to open it as yet, but that will occupy Monday morning. I think that I really "lucked out" in my surprise box. I hope the rest of you that ordered are similarly pleased with your surprises. I'll add some pictures in the morning.

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BamaRider posted:

Surprise box?  This was a gift?  

No, Menard's offers "Mystery boxes" of items at a steep discount.

Some items have imperfections and you can't pick anything, all sales final.

They might say 1-lrg building, 1 small bldg., 2-cars,4-die cast cars, 4 trucks, 7 figures, one bridge,etc . No choice or substitutes.

They usually sell out very fast and I've never heard any complaints of folks thinking it wasn't worth it. Filling space is time consuming and pricey. These fit the bill.

"Still trying to not shoot my eye out"


"Nursing insomnia one railcar at a time"

My aroma therapy? Smoke Pellets.


I have purchased 2 of the mystery boxes over the past couple years. Always a great deal for the $100 or could be less during the 11% rebate weeks.


Bill T.

The "problem" was only the roof section that the "throne" was mounted on came loose. I managed to use a new straight edged razor blade without maiming myself to get the old adhesive off. It was a little difficult with a fifteen pound pussy cat "helping." It took quite a while to pull the staples from the top of the packaging so as to save it for storage. And, I didn't unwrap all of the packing. I "might" have a truck or two as well. I haven't added a siding for the engine house as yet. The Ram pickup was a recent purchase from CVS.IMG_8391IMG_8392


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