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I saw fellow forum member Gerry M. posted in the WTB section he is looking for the Menards Vehicle Showroom. I too saw this accessory recently in an ad and was hoping someone can provide pictures and/or a review of this accessory from Menards. Looks like a cool way to display vehicles in a small footprint. I believe it is around 2 feet tall.

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This showroom along with the Menards Parking Garage has been a great way to finally display all the 1/43 K line, MTH and Dinky cars I have collected over the years. As you can see, it is a slightly smaller footprint to the MTH showroom building as well. They do compliment each other.

The building has three lighting colors, Blue, White and Green. When first turned on, it always defaults to the Blue first. The button on the backside allows the lighting colors to change. And for some reason, there was a packet that included two sets of extra CAVANA letters. No need to put them anywhere but should something happen to the ones on the building, there are replacements.


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