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A little over a Year ago I purchased this Unit from Menards. It functioned great until last week. All the LIGHTS work , but the Internal Oscillating function STOPPED Working.  How long is their Warranty, or do I have to replace the entire Unit with a new one for $99.99.

Any ideas??


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An E-MAIL was sent out today, will see what happens!

THANK YOU Menards for the response!  Looks like someone from "MENARDS" is current on the OGR. Looks like you are on top of responses on OGR regarding your O Gauge Products. I have several of your Buildings and many of your Cars & Trucks. This is the first time I have had any kind of problem with any of your Products!!

Thanks again!

I will post the outcome on OGR!!


Surprising...when they sent be broken items..buildings...several years ago they replaced them with even more badly damaged items.  When I informed them of this  I was told that there is a "restocking fee" of 15% for correction and I pay shipping back.  Horrid customer service.  No Menards...ever for me....I have an aversion to smug organizations and Chinese junk.  Probable just me but I do not get the affinity to this company.  Poorly made items and awful customer service.  Just my opinion and experience.  I respect others opinions on this company.

Dr John Sherwood

Peyton, Colorado

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I did get in touch with someone from Menards. The MENARDS Train Guy gave me a e-mail Contact listed above! They said there was no Warranty on Lighting. I explained the LIGHTS inside and outside were fine, it was the OSCILLATING Unit inside that stopped OSCILLATING. Waiting for reply now. I would like a replacement unit or replacement motor (That drives the Oscillating Glass) inside.


johnshorse - it's unfortunate that you have had this experience with Menards.  I have purchased so many train related items from Menards that I lost count a long time ago.  I've had nothing but excellent customer service from them, including the ONE item received broken tha was replaced with new plus a bonus item for my troubles.  The best customer service I've ever received, and all of their items are working perfectly after many years.  That's been my experience with Menards and their products, including my current Santa Fe FP7.


After conversing for several days with Menards regarding this issue:

The only way it can be resolved is to purchase another Unit  ( @ $99.95 ). To have it replaced I have to present a Receipt to substantiate the Purchase Date. I was told yesterday that Lights & Motors in Accessories are only guarantied for 90 Days.  I know its been more than that, so will order another one. Hope this helps anyone wondering about their Warranties!!!


@Zelmo posted:

For those who have suggested replacing the motor, how have you or would you access the interior. I have looked for potential points for disassembly and cannot locate. Thanks.

Isn’t there a slot underneath near the back of the assembly that gives access to the wire connections? Apart from that I think you have to cut away part of the bottom to get at the interior of the structure. I’ve done this when I added extra lighting and a siren module.

@lstoll posted:

I had to cut away a portion of the pressboard to get to motor etc. Replaced  the motor just had to figure out how to attach the plastic dome to the motor shaft. Now it spins like crazy! I would get a motor where you can adjust the speed.

You may be able to add a resistor to the circuit to reduce the current to the motor in order to produce an acceptable level of "spin".

Fellas-seriously? ....We live in a "throw away" society. People on this forum are of a higher intelligence. I am sure we all know this.

We no longer repair TV's -toasters- coffee makers-can openers, even cheap appliances. We discard and replace them. Menard's is selling low cost items for our enjoyment. They are not designed to be serviced. In most cases there are no available replacement parts.

Take this at face value. Have fun with your trains.


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But as several of us mentioned it can be serviced with a "little" skill and savy and be made to operate again. It may not be returned to original condition , but still enjoyable. Not everything has to be tossed out. In this hobby I have learned  you have to be creative in your repairs. So keep those "spare parts" around they come in very handy.

@BobbyD posted:

Images of the failed internal item and the solution?

What he said.  Does anyone have photos of the motor and mounting?  Menards no doubt used a cheap DC can-motor that I'd think could be replaced for a few dollars at most if we could just see a photo of it, markings, dimensions, etc.

By my count 4 guys have reported this failure so I'd say there's value to coming up with a solution for the record.  It's a to-each-his-own as to whether the repair is worth the effort.  But from what I can tell this item has been on the market for ~4 years so it must be popular enough to warrant maintenance documentation!  Heck, the half-life of nuclear fuel rods is ~30 years so do the math!

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Thanks to all who have responded. Given Menards will not provide any discount in replacing, I would be interested in finding a solution. They are telling me the part is a disco bulb but doesn’t provide a source for same. I am curious if it is in fact a disco bulb or a combination of a bulb and motor. The unit does light up but there is no rotation.

sorry i can't get to the nuke right now. But, it wasnt the motor that failed . It was  the screw on the top of the dome that came loose, and in order to secure that i had to cut out the press board beneath the lighting and motor to get the dome out, Be sure you cut close to the edge so as not to damage the the lighting board. Good luck .

eBay seller "partsandtrains" currently has parts of the Oak Point Nuclear Facility.  Since direct links to eBay are not allowed and will go stale after a few months when someone searching the archives stumbles across this thread, some photos of the guts before they vanish:

s-l1600 [3)

There appear to be 2 circuit boards.  If/when someone attempts a DIY repair, I'd like to see some photos of these boards from a better angle to see what's on them. 

s-l1600 [2)

The motor looks like an off-the-shelf DC motor with a gear-train assembly in the round plastic housing.  In looking at online videos of the spinning "disco" dome, I'd say the output speed is around 10 RPM.  Again, if/when someone has it taken apart, perhaps there are some markings on the gearmotor assembly...or at least provide dimensions to help track down a replacement/alternative if indeed the motor failed.  I can't imagine Menards would have designed/specified a CUSTOM gearmotor and with some luck perhaps an off-the-shelf replacement could be found.  Not saying this is it but many choices out there that don't break the bank:

10rpm cheap dc gearmotor

Or, if the motor runs but the disco dome does not spin, perhaps it is as simple as tightening a loose screw as @lstoll suggests.


Note to self: Since Menards buildings are powered by 4.5V DC, and many generic gearmotors are nominally driven at 12V DC, it may be that one of the circuit boards (e.g., the one with the large square inductor) steps up 4.5V DC to 12V DC.


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  • s-l1600 (2)
  • 10rpm cheap dc gearmotor
  • s-l1600

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