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I am totally happy that Menards made the Amtrak small city train station.  But the red overhang part really bothered me as the stations really were painted a greyish brown on top and lighter to white or brick walls.  I decided to hand paint the overhang with craft paint.  I think it brings the building to a more real look.  Just offering the idea to anyone feeling the same way about the red.

Canton, OH was a station of this type.  In the 1970's, 80s, and 90s Amtrak Agents Bob & Guy kept this station clean, professional courteous service, neatly groomed topiary landscaping. The ticket counter window featured an HO model train displaying a dome car, sleeper, diner, coach, and F40PH. Fond memories of boarding and watching the Broadway and Capitol Limiteds from Canton.


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It closed in 1990 when the Capitol was rerouted thru Cleveland permanently

The building is still there as far as I know

Its on Market St across the tracks from Hercules engines that is now apartment buildings. Just down from Fire station 1. The building was a restaurant ?bar at one time. I think it is closed. Not to get off topic.....But you guys from the area.......Did you know there was a passenger station between Fairhope and Canton? It was in the area where the Canton Auto Salvage is today. It was a classy station with alot of Marble. Been abandoned for years. Not even sure if it has been torn down or not. As a kid, a few delinquents and myself used to play in the building. Sorry Vista Dome.....just a little more off topic.....There was also a PRR YMCA building in the same area that was just torn down about 5 yrs ago. Another cool place to play as a kid.  Your Menards Amtrak station looks awesome.

Jini5, thanks.  And interesting about the other station.  I will try to find it on google earth.

The old PRR station that stood where the Canton Amtrak station is, was very impressive.  Amtrak did use the former PRR underground walkway to reach the platforms.  It had nice tile work.  Wonder what the condition is of that subway is now?

Jini5 thanks for location for Jim. I meant to add a link for the wiki page about the station but it was not working.

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