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To raise the rear coupler height, I took off the shell and removed the motor to free the truck. By turning a loose screw, I was able to raise the knuckle coupler. I did not completely tighten the screw in order that the coupler arm could still swing freely laterally.


The knuckle still sits a bit lower than other brands but now is usable. BTW, when I had the shell off, I made the series-motor wiring mod implemented by several others.


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@RSJB18 posted:

@RoyBoy- re-wire your 1.0 in series. I just did my 1.0 last night and it makes a world of difference.

2022-02-03 19.54.18

Thanks for the thorough review. I think all of us beta testers agree on the same construction and QC issues. I will consider buying more if these issues are addressed.


Hi - is this rewiring explained elsewhere?  I have a 1.0 and that was my only issue, the jackrabbit starts.


@RJ Shier posted:

Bruce did the series-motor wiring mod work?

It definitely slowed down the engine and made it a bit more controllable. On the other hand, the top speed now--unsurprisingly--feels slower than other engines in the toy category. (I can't prove that statement.)  As a childs toy or first-timers engine, I can't say that the motor modification will improve overall play-value. I think it is more important for Menards to fix all the other mechanical and manufacturing issues.

BTW, as others have mentioned the internal wiring and electronics board looks very good and well laid out.

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