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Recently I received the Menards Flat Car Lumber Load (279-0634). On the information included in the package was the following statement: Now in the 6th year of the Exclusive Flat Cars, this collectible edition is limited to 996. Each car is sequentially numbered from 1 to 996."

One of the decals on the flat cars says "Built 2013 by Menards".

Does anyone know anything about this series of flat cars issued by Menards?

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@franktrain posted:

The first train cars that Menards had were made by Lionel also some in Lionel sets. Here’s a short history



I’m pretty sure this one from a set.


Then Menards started producing their own cars and would release a limited number each year.




then they added different style cars boxcars, hoppers and even scale cars.


One of my favorites.


Do you know which of these cars are from the "Exclusive Flat Car" series? With the one I got being built in 2013 and saying it is the 6th year, I'm wondering about those specifically done in the series. All of which are numbered.

@franktrain posted:

pulp575 all the Menards cars in the early years came as "Exclusive" limited number. Not sure how many they made or what years.


Uncle Pete rr this is the sku for the flat with truss load. Also I believe the 'Save Big Money" boxcar is available on the Menards website


@franktrain - Thanks for the info. Neither a Google search, a search of the Menards website, nor an eBay search shows any of these currently available.

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