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A few people asked if I took the trucks apart to paint them. That topic has wisely been stopped from any more replies, so I'll start a new topic.

Quite simple actually. With the shell removed, I simply wiggle some paper between the inside of the truck frame and the driver, then misted them with Tammenards beforemenards afteriya Silver Leaf. I did not remove any truck parts, just sprayed lightly.



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Thanks for the update Steve. I did not realize they closed the other topic.

I checked mine yesterday and discovered that the side frames are screwed onto the trucks. I removed them and sprayed with Rustoleum Matte. The pilot is also attached with screws but you would have to drop the truck to access them so I wrapped the engine and hit the pilot.

I'll post more pix later. The frames are sprayed but not the pilot for comparison.

2021-07-28 20.03.452021-07-28 20.03.552021-07-28 20.07.522021-07-28 20.15.05


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it's an FP7!

Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.  After beta testing mine, I will be going with the ERR upgrade and painting the underbody into a matte silver color, while masking off the side panels and painting them for the stainless steel panels the ATSF is known for.  It is a very cool locomotive overall and I have sent my comments to Menards.  I was quite pleased that they acknowledged receipt of my comments.  I thought only Scott Mann did that in this scale!

I think it will ultimately be a really neat, if not prototypical addition to my fleet of ATSF locomotives pulling a few GGD El Cap cars and some single level head end for those "local" routes.

As far as I'm concerned, the chrome plating is unique and this engine will probably be the only one that I will ever have with it.  I'm going to leave it as is, keeping in mind why it entered the market in the first place.  It's also probably more costly to chrome plate everything top and bottom rather than spray painting it.  By the way, this engine operates fine on O27 curves.


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