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Does everyone have the problem reported by the OP?  It doesn't seem like it considering how many folks on this forum rushed to buy them immediately after they were announced.  We should be hearing a groundswell of complaints, but we clearly don't.

Is it a big problem or a small one?

Also, didn't everyone realize that they were buying these in order to help Menards test incomplete product, i.e. not quite ready for production?  That's what beta means.  The OP's units are definitely not ready for production.


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This one has been very reliable.  Smooth starts and stops (similar to my 2.0 version).  Ramps up and down well.  Ran it a lot to make sure it was working.  Same type of horn (rapid pulse) and bell.  Stiff couplers - same height.  Same excellent announcements.  No need to wire it in series.

In terms of a further review I am not sure whether the replacement is a 3.0 or 3.5 since it is a used one.  Either way it matches the other reviews of both.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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