does anyone have any experience with Menards Fire-Damaged Engine House?

i have tried plugging in their power adapter into both plugs (one on bottom and one on side) nothing happens. used 2 different power adapters with no results. is there a switch somewhere? it came with no instructions and they do not have a phone number for help. i love their products, but not happy with there help approach.

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I noted three modes of operation.

1. Embers always lit

2. Embers flashing rapidly

3. Embers flashing from bright to low and then back to bright.

However, one thing I did notice with mine is that when I set the mode I want and then shut off power it reverts to the default start up mode (embers always lit).  Which is a pain because everytime I start up my layout, I have to reset the mode of operation to the one I like....which is bright to low.



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I just powered my Menards Fire-Damaged Engine House and that is the way my Engine House works to. I like the 3rd way just like you do. Then I like it the first way always on. I don't like the 2nd way (flashing) It flashes to quickly. My Engine house is still in the package it came in I have not opened it but I could if you need any more info on it. I have not looked at the underside (there are two plug inputs, one underneath and one on the side)

Being a business Menard's will keep down manufacturing costs of their products where possible. Undoubtedly as each new manufacturing run has higher costs than the previous run, to keep the msrp constant and still maintain the same first run profit something has to be eliminated so it's logical the mode button would be targeted for elimination since their was never an explanation of it anyway in the initial product run and twith many buyers unaware of it and therefore not using it, elimate it and most purchasers will never notice it's gone. 





Mine also doesn't have a  lighting mode button, it's always steady on. It was purchased nearly two years ago and at that time Menards' website advertised that it featured three lighting modes. I wasn't too upset at that time because I figured their ad just hadn't been updated yet.

However, while perusing the Menards website for another train purchase today, I revisited this fire damaged engine house ad and it's still says it has three lighting modes.

For anyone who bought this building during the past 6-9 months or so, does yours have a  button and three different light modes? I'm asking to see whether Menards has reinstated this feature or if they still haven't corrected  their ad to make it accurate, thruthful?

If they've returned to including this mode button on the fire damaged engine houses currently being sold, I wonder if they'd exchange mine since when I purchased it, mine was supposed to have that button too.

FYI, after I bought it and discovered it lacked the mode button I emailed Menards a few times asking about it but they ignored my emails. No response from then, NADA!




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