new building, purchased couple years ago.(kept on self/storage) put on layout plug in menards 4.5 adapter nothing happens, no lights. ckd , power adapter with voltage meter has 4.5 volts to building. need advice would like to make this work. what can I do to trouble shoot,repair. love this building.   thanks for any help guys.......cshaf.IMG_20191122_081303417


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it has one slide switch, 2 position not sure if its on and off,or controls signage. also has push button switch.   no directions came with building.  cant see any way to ck if voltage going through to board.


The slide switch is for on and off. The push button is for the sign.

I just had a similar problem with a Menards building (my first one, Herman's Sauerkraut Factory). Purchased it two years ago and didn't touch it until just now when I expanded my layout and had a place to put it.

When I finally powered it up, the LEDs over the front doors illuminated brightly and the blinking light in the top of the tank illuminated only very faintly. The two exterior lights on either side, and the sign, did nothing.

I had tested my power supply first, and, even though it was fine, I also tried a second power supply. The results were the same.

I contacted Menards. They basically told me, "You're on your own."

Retired is a misnomer.  Should be detired--less tired, more fun!

Servicing Menards buildings made out of MDF can be a problem — not because the electronics are unserviceable but because each building is hot glued together.

Essentially, they are hand-crafted buildings, which could be a problem when it comes time to fix the electronics inside.

Also, Menards doesn’t do repairs of its buildings. It only offers warranty replacements as long as the inventory allows. Not surprising, given that Menards’ train line is merely founder John Menard’s passion, not a home improvement company-led initiative to make money in a hobby field.

So a craftsman can fix those buildings, but it would take some level of care and skill to get in and out of those buildings without marring their aesthetics.

Jim R. 

Well, if they don't repair their own buildings it's hard to believe they would offer replacement boards.  That said, if you were willing to swap boards does this mean you can access/remove the existing board?  If you post photos of the board I'm thinking we could come up with some troubleshooting suggestions on what to measure to effect a repair. 

There have been a few OGR threads about the Menards building electronics.  For example, in this thread for the Salt factory, some measurements helped to further the collective knowledge of how the Menards lighting electronics works (or not).  After repeated grousing here on OGR, I notice that Menards now publishes the power requirements for some of their buildings - so now you can better select a suitable transformer!

FWIW, I have removed the roof from the ”feed store” to disconnect the vent fan.  The motor was so noisy.  Anyway, I used an inch wide wood chisel and gently worked and pried the roof off.  As stated above, it is only glued together.  A masonite like product, so it will flake some.  But with a little care was easily achieved.  On another building, I increased the size of the access hole on the bottom so I could paint the led lighting to my taste.  There really was no need for the base to be that substantial.  It hasn’t warped or twisted over time.  Lighting, in my opinion, is almost more important, so I put in a lot of effort to get it the way I want it.

STAN2004       yes i can and will pull the board, but it will be in near future.  my grandson is down for the holidays, going to spend that time with him, running trains and enjoying  the buildings that do work. mortons salt works great.   

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