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Another great product from Menards ! This black flatcar looks great with the right color Coast Guard Helicopter. The graphics again are first class and also the highly detailed interior looks great ! The opening door works like it should and the rear rotor also spins.. All in All another great product from our cg1cg2cg3cg4cg5cg6friends at Menards ...Keep em coming Mark !!!


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The same company, New Ray, I believe, produced 3 different USCG helicopters and the yellow (orange) Canada one.  The scales varied depending on which copter was modeled from 1/48 to 1/60.  I have them all but they are boxed up right now so I don't have the scale for the one used by Menards handy.

The USCG has an air station with 3 choppers at the Cherry Capital Airport, 16 air miles from us.  They fly over our house weekly on training missions toward the Straits of Mackinac and the St. Marys River, year-round, more often during summer.  We've also witnessed rescue training on Lakes Huron and Michigan when sail cruising.  The Menard's chopper appears to be an accurate model of the MH-65 Eurocopter used by the USCG.  The USCG MH-60 Jayhawk is more often seen locally.

I believe New Ray did the J-Hawk also.  They made them for several branches of the military.

I just went to the New Ray website.  The USCG HH-65c Menard's used is 1/48 scale.  The Canadian Search and Rescue EH-101 I had mentioned  is 1/72 scale.  People requesting a Sikorsky UH-60 Jay Hawk, New Ray did a USCG Jay Hawk, a Black Hawk and a Sea Hawk all in 1/60 scale.  The also made  a 1/55 scale Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight.

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You may need to hunt a bit on the Internet to find one, but a sharp looking USCG Hummer pulling a trailer with a lifeboat is available in 1:43 scale.  Here's a photo from the one I have in my collection.  It would look good in a scene where that USCG flatcar with the helicopter was spotted on a siding.

(My last layout was set in a beachside town, so a USCG vehicle with a rescue boat fit in perfectly!)



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