After several months of going back and forth with the Planning and Zoning Commission,  the factory was finally given the green light to build. Todays a big day ,for we turned the lights on for the first time and started all the machines to do their thing. As you can see, everyone is very busy at work except  for Jack, who is a little tired today. With plenty of lights  and an animated  sign along with several hard working 20190813_12474020190813_12473720190813_12480520190813_12465520190813_12462120190813_12472020190813_12470220190813_124726men, this new business  will fit right in with most layouts.


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Bob, thanks for the great pictures! It looks wonderful on your layout! So I think your right it should look great on anyone's layout! Thanks again!

Couldn't get Doggie Dinner on Google, and wanted to know if this old dog food company in Terre Haute, Ind., with billboard reefers (in HO), had Atlas or other O versions? Would try to tie to this structure. Think this  company had ties to Indy 500 track, too.  Was once well advertised...Google did not offer....just Calif. Doggie DINER.

Nice building.  Now if Menards would build a weathered, coal mine facility building.  Have many coal hoppers wanting to be loaded at a mountain location on my layout

I built one small coal mine kit....could use another small one, too....think there are at least two large coal mine/tipple kits out there, but  l don't want real estate gobblers.  Tourist train in southern Ky. runs past a small mine that was a tunnel in the bluff, mine car rails into it, and a small loading tipple. Simple as an HO kit. Tourist train stopped there.  No siding now nor remnants l could discern, but must have had one.

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