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Who has seen a real UFO ?  Let's keep o-gauge realistic.


In 1952 I saw 5 of them flying in formation. I don't remember seeing anything printed on them.

would you say this UFO is to scale ?

A scale UFO? What the heck!? 
This isn't two rail... sheesh.
Rivet Counters be gone!

Actually, if I get that UFO, I'm removing the canopy and putting Marvin inside. WITH a Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.




     think someone has been visiting my layout recently.. Marvin, was that you ?


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Back from the Menards train show. It was a great show. I took some pics. I myself liked the way the shopw was laid out. The operating layouts were scattered through the convention area with venders and private sellers mix between them. Nice not to have all the layouts in one area. The Menards display stood out. I tried to get the size of the show into the pics................Paul



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Just ordered the Pepsi and REA trucks that will be removed from flatcars for placement at layout stores.  Great addition and fits the modeling era.

Also emailed Menards asking if they can add Pay Pal as payment option.  I personally get nervous typing my card number into a "HTTPS secure sites" (so why am I on my 4th card and getting calls from my bank asking if I ordered a Mercedes from Germany?).

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Hey dad..............question. Are the pepsi trucks on the flats 1/48. Thanks, your son trying to be number one again LOL........Paul

I asked Mark the same Question. He said  maybe around 1/50 +or-   ... sorry, that's all I can come up with son...



Great Pictures Paul! I sure wish I could make it to that show! But it is sure a long way from Washington! LOL Looks like everyone had a great time!


USMC 5/11 Battalion Oscar Battery 155 Big Guns!

Semper Fi !

Menards addiction Meeting member! /  LCCA# 41824

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CABINET BOB,  By using the picture of the Menards guys, could you please put some names with these fellows. Thank you. 

I'd  rather not.

What is the difference?   We can see from the name tag that Mark was the guy with glasses on the right.  As for any other names, they would be pretty much irrelevant as we have had no exposure to anyone other than Mark.  It was interesting that at least two people here asked if the obviously very young teen-aged boy in the middle was Mark!?     

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